Humanity and Love

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Humanity is fun to watch, watch without labels. What is it to be truly human? This is a question asked by humanity from the beginning of self awareness. I call this self awareness Evolution. The physical structure of humanity has changed as archeologists have shown us. Meanwhile the physical always reflects what is actually going on in the developing awareness of self evolving on the planet humans inhabit. Humanity even in the scientific naming reflects the changes of physical evolution i.e.Homo Neanderthalensis and Homo Erectus. These are labels science utilizes to support the physical evidence they have discovered. Is that the point of humanity? Evolving and physically changing with the time supported changes? That to a mystic is exciting and yet very limiting.

Humanity as we see each other now is fun to watch. I use this commonly as an exercise for my clients to develop awareness that frees their self-restraint. We are so much more alike than different. This is where Love enters our awareness as a power. Love is the point of this exercise in observation. It starts with the intent to recognize love happening in each moment of observation.  Humanity really has only one existence, experience love as it is in their consciousness AND recognize that Love is bigger than our consciousness, so we are ALWAYS expanding in consciousness to allow more Love into our daily way of thinking which become our consistent habits.

Ah you say, Love is the point of expanding awareness. Yep, it’s not marketed that way, but that is what is happening in each moment for humans, the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom,mineral kingdom, microscopic kingdom and the digital/internet kingdom. There is no “place” that Love is absent. Aha! That is what humanity is really about!

Humanity when you observe from a small viewpoint like the evening news is pretty stuck on feeling small, insignificant and missing out on love because it’s a cruel” world. Have you stopped to ponder that the theory of our “missing” love could be the cause of all that challenges and scares us? Ponder this moment and let a memory pop up for you that is an example of “missing love” in your life. Ponder it as you seem to be sorting through some kind of filing cabinet of memories and under the header “hurt/injured feelings” see what comes up. This or these memories would seem to back up the “cruel” world scenario”. You may even say “hah! Love wasn’t there when that happened”. I now offer you an opportunity to ask this memory “was love there and I just don’t remember or recognize it?”.  I strong yet not yelling voice will say “yes, love is never missing, so love was there.” I ask you to now say “show me the love I seemed to have missed or not noticed, I even demand you Love to show me the love that was there when I suffered!”.

Love is  easier to say what it is not. Love has no requirement. The situation that you experienced was actually created because all the participants were functioning, behaving from a twisted definition of love. I’ll give you an example. In my career for a time I worked at a home for children that were removed for their safety from their parents. These children had been burnt stuffed into an oven by a parent, left to freeze in a car alone, left with adults that did not recognize the innocence of children and exposed them to sex crimes. These children had had parents that in their twisted way were “loving” how they could and yet hardening their hearts as they did these horrific actions. Love did not seem to be present for the parents or their child/children. The biggest frustration of the child welfare workers and staff was the loyalty expressed by these children to their criminal parents. How could these kids be so loyal and want to return to their abusers and thieves of their innocence?

Love had become twisted in the definition of these parents and survival by any means took on the dominating purpose to their lives. Take a moment and step away from the “horrific” part and self exam if you have taken an attitude that survival by any definition acts as if love is missing. You and I have twisted love into a small, powerless existence that is not the truth of Love. Humans by noticing events from a “missing” perspective first create more and more actions to support the premise that every thing that happens is because love went somewhere where I was not.

In the truth of Life, Love Is. Love is what  makes the world, planets and or households, go around. The energy that is always surging is Love in action and it is never failing to create more love and love and love. Love is happening right now. There is a human rights event of refugees from Syria and other areas into eastern and western Europe that has survival mode thinkers in a panic. You see humans in survival mode say “hey not enough to go around”. There are opportunities being created by Souls living this experience to spiritually and physically ask us “what value do humans have and is it about where they come from?”. Love is not missing because there are refugees. Love is creating an opportunity for an expansion of our Love consciousness to find out there is always room to value all life and  find for ourselves what do we give power to? Love is a power that asks for nothing except recognition that it is the answer to everything and first notice it as not missing. Love is not about expressing values, Love is valuable because it has no opposition except self inflicted judgement that Love left us hanging without any means to be alive.

Humanity is asked every day to remember that they are not the sum total of an egg and a sperm getting together with DNA from two sets of parents. Love asks us to remember that we are souls first and foremost connected to Love because that is where the Soul came from and never left. Our bodies communicate with our senses what seems to be physically available, yet our senses also recognize that there is more to life than just practical living through surviving, getting through human troubles. Intuition tells your body, your senses “hey, there is something more and don’t miss it”. Humanity remembering it is a Soul first does not judge a circumstance created by human mis-value, mis-perception of “facts” as real. Real is the Love that always finds a way to remind you you are more than a body and suffering is not required or valued by anyone but humanity. Humanity in the 8 seconds that news is reported takes on one view”how bad could this be and could it get worse?’. This is an expression of humans valuing not Love, but evil as more note worthy than Love. I ask you to today take a moment and find a news story that bothered or angered you when you first heard it. Now search via newspapers or on-line the follow-up. Yes the follow-up. Love showed up, it didn’t make page 1 or “trend” as the “catastrophe”, yet human expressions of Love showed up and things in some manner, usually not understood at first, became better.

I close with this reminder, Mt. St. Helen erupted in 1980. Nature did not say “my bad”, Nature goes along with it’s business of constant creation and expansion and there are beauties of life now present that could not have shown up before. Nature obeys only one law, Love always expressing. We humans get invested in making things personal and then getting insulted and saying “Love wouldn’t have killed, maimed, taken my ________ if it really loved me”. Love is powerful because it has a process of expressing for everyone. Everyone experiences Love. Be as Nature and ask when you feel Love “missed me”, “where is the Love I did not recognize as Love because I’ve made love too small for me to notice.”

I follow-up about the children I mention with seeming “horrific” parents. The silent majority did not follow in their parents example. Many became easier to understand example of Love and did not make any headlines as criminals or serial- _______. The children found Love and channelled a way to feel the love that their parents were too confused about values to express. Let us talk to and with Love everyday and say” please help me recognize you so that I never feel I’ve missed you since you are really here for me and all inhabitants of earth of infinity. Be the Love that knocks on your consciousness and say “come on in, I’m glad I opened the door to the Truth of Love for me and all.”.



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