Sinless Opulence

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All sages, mystics and philosophers through out time have discussed abundance, wealth and prosperity. Usually in their writings, or speaking wealth and opulence comes up as a big part of the human experience. I was introduced to sinless opulence recently and it brought to light a lot of concepts that have strangled humanity when suffering wasn’t required.

I like the story of the Siddhartha Gautama Buddha. The story is he was born a prince, son of a clan chief and his mother, a princess. He was tangibly born into wealth. His mother has passed away and his father was determined that Gautama  know only beauty. Decay and ugliness were never to be shown to the prince. Shielding is usually the word used to emphasize the childhood of the Buddha. The story goes that shielding did not work and Siddhartha became aware of suffering. Thus seeming physical opulence was abandoned to motivate a journey of compassion and power from compassion. One of the practices. philosophy Siddhartha took up was ascetic life, renunciation of enjoyment as a path to pureness for enlightenment. A lot of people still feel renunciation of worldly goods is the way to have a worthwhile life that hurts no one and nothing. The story seems to push away opulence.

I did not grow up a Buddhist and discovered the philosophy in my search to find happiness being the mystic self I kept being shown I am. The messages through out my experience of communion, ecstasy with God and love always were about removing limits. Human limits to our relationship with our Creator, our happy divine self that always seemed present. The images of the Buddha, Jesus, saints and persons recognized and valued by humanity usually are ornate and expressing a greater than ordinary image. Opulence does seem approved of in that expression, depending on the patron of the artist. Greek Orthodox does seem ornate in some instances of their iconography and muted, even with gold in the image.

I like these stories of human limiting expression, because in the midst, that still, strong, quiet voice says “God is opulent and generous. Focus and enjoy”. I live in the United States that was strongly and still strongly guided by Calvinistic values of muted expression. Wealth is seen as from God, but with requirements. Opulence there seems presented more as arrogance. Arrogance that you want and show-off too much, yet you want to show-off so people know that God favors you, a lot. I call that human limitation and well, arrogance. Communism which seems to go completely against Calvinism because atheism is a big part of communistic value of everyone as equal.  Karl Marx stated that religion is the opiate of the masses. Definitely a criticism of religion having power and money. Humans love to box up and conceptualize God.

Meanwhile, my soul, my divine self kept saying “God is omnipresent (everywhere), omnipotent (all powerful) and omniscient (in everything), so why limit or devalue opulence?” Ah, good question to pose humanity. Right now our culture has this criticism of the “1%” having all the power at the cost of the other 99%. I now pose to myself and all, why would a creator categorize itself and what is created by some value based on_____, what, what would it base it on???

The evolution to remember our Sinless Opulence has to replace limits. We are called to focus a simple revelation of the process of life which is transformation and transmutation. All becomes something else, therefore it is really never gone, just not recognizable as it was. Opulence states that the processes of life says “look, more ways to be than what first or second or thirdly appeared. The way of Opulence has ways and means beyond limits from____.”

Opulence is a power of itself then. Looked upon as a power that is always functioning, that would raise our consciousness to another level regarding what is abundant and what is “missing”. I offer the concept of replacing the tiresome limitation of sin. Our belief in sin is really an excuse to self accuse, self punish and then pass that onto humanity as valuable. Sinless Opulence asks us to say to ourselves “love made us, love is, love never leaves, that is Sinless Opulence”.

We are beings of power. We are beings always becoming aware of our power. Why not step into thinking that we are beings of power born only of love, the love that creates. The love that is greater than romance, parental or any worldly love. We are in a time being called to remember the truth of our existence on this planet, or anywhere. Power is limitless and our trying to label it to control it makes enemies where there are none. We are beings whose knee, gut reaction is always loving first, milliseconds later doubt of our power shows up. Sinlessness is something to accept and it is stronger to question our sinfulness. Evolution says that life is a transformative one. Stagnation is not a power, but a process to rekindle circulation. Stagnation is a human label, because what seems to “grow” is misinterpreted. Let us look upon Sinless Opulence as our having misinterpreted its definition. Give ourselves a break, have compassion, self compassion. Sinless Opulence is making itself known because the process contrary to it is not sustainable. Sustenance seeks to sustain. Why not let it sustain Opulently?

Good hearted people came up with the “1% vs 99%” distinction. Good hearted people, please move now from retraction to acceptance of our real power, Love. Love is powerfully opulence. We are sinless and asked to accept that fact. Sinless Opulence is a fact, why not say “OK”. It may not seem evolutionary, yet it is to accept more Love as real and expressing as opulence. Lift the veil of self-ignorance, self criticism and accept you are always doing your best. Therefore say “OK’ Sinless Opulence.

With love for us all, let the fear be a tool to remember our power and power is born of love. Then say “OK Sinless Opulence, let me make peace with you. You want me, therefore you are our ally. I make no enemy of you.”


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