Peace Of God

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The Peace of God is guaranteed. Time and time again peace is always offered to us and it comes to us from an awareness that the power greater than our mere existence Is. The power that Is wants peace, not turmoil. I then go along the line of questioning why do us humans choose war to “bring” peace? I’ve noticed we like battling for our good. Peace is wished for every holiday that refers to the best of ourselves.

You know the simple truth is Peace is a power that is so unconditional, we seem to think it’s not occurring. That is a thought of our growing with conditions taught to us and giving power to unlike d experiences. God is a word so misrepresented that a lot of people get “icky” feelings from hearing it. Add the word “peace” it becomes an airy-fairy imagination that has the worth of a greeting card to some.

Peace, I’m from the experience that peace showed up when there was no trouble. You wanted peace because it seemed missing, then it made me powerless to bring it back. I was taught to put energy in finding the “wrong” of the situation and then I’d find peace by correcting the error. Peace then became a goal. Yet truth be told, I did notice that peace in and of itself was powerful when I’d get out of the way and let “it play out (the situation)”. This created an opportunity for me to recognize the spirit of the matter was smarter than my interpretation. Ah, that was the personal part, interpretation.

OK, I getting heady in this conversation. Peace is actually felt. Peace is powerful because it exists and makes itself known, when you don’t doubt it is a real feeling. I give you the example of breathing. The “old” way when a child was born was to make it breathe (as if it didn’t know it’d adapt to the situation) was spanked, then it became sucking the “stuff” that comes with babies at the leaving of the uterus and vaginal canal. The awareness has changed in many places and tenderness at birth is being focused on. Partly it’s been noticed that there is an intelligence in newborns at the leaving mom’s body. Time and patience has shown that babes have a knowing to breathe when we welcome the newborn and don’t make it a procedure of birth, but allow the process of birth to occur. Breathing is part of this.

Notice now are you breathing shallowly (upper chest)? Is your belly naturally rising? Belly rising means lungs are easily filling up and releasing. Your body is in a state of peace because the mind is not perceiving “danger”. Peace is reigning and the power of it is being felt by your body, as long as you get out of your head an idea of “something is missing” scenarios.

The mystic Irene has aha’s about peace quite often. These past few weeks have been a call to really notice that humanity is actually shining light on the “uglies” of ego lies about battles and who is right or wrong. There is less clarity of differences because more and more people are feeling a deeper connection to each other. The press is less and less being respected as a provider of reporting the “crisis” going on. We are more and more noticing that we bleed the same blood and no one really wins. Average people as it is said are expecting less revenge and noticing the heroes that stepped in to help in situations that in the moment seemed very overwhelming.

Organized religions are speaking out more and more about our similarities vs prior tendencies to blame game each other. I am tuning into the habit of asking “what do the souls what us to know about these violent actions?”. The answer has and is still that when we humans think we are missing being loved or respected, the idea to “do an action” to get love and respect creates battles and attacks. This is because a misconception and/or misinterpretation of love and peace values has occurred. We are being asked to remember we are greater than our physical bodies and a consciousness raising of our true life values is happening. Ego still plays the guilt, sin game, yet innocence of misperception is still scene. The age of the

protagonists in these events shows that they are acting out on “taught” values, not self-awareness of their lives being valuable without having to prove it.

Peace is still there though. The power of peace is at work because in the true scheme of life, these are souls showing us our values being hollow and being examples of what definitions and limits we’ve put on each other. Remember the mystic me is having conversations with the souls, not the personalities that committed these painful and sorrowful acts. Peace is there because the power is expressed in recognition, even in anger, that these acts were not done by mis-lead individuals. The anger is being felt and evil seems there, yet something else, something bigger than the actions is being shown up to the light.

You are a mystic as much as I am as long as you stop the train of defining acts of violence, and ask “what is really going on souls of all involved?”.

This is a call for you and I to be active loving participants of an awakening humanity. Compassion with ourselves if the power of peace. Feel the sadness and anger, then let it dissipate as it naturally does. Naturally life energy returns as the feelings ebbs and flow, then let your humanity similarities be your focus. Examine the lies that you could talk yourself into like the protagonists did, then ask your Creator, “what is mine to think and feel that brings back the awareness of peace power for all of us?”. Now you are being peaceful and powerful and helping the whole world remember our commonness, we bleed blood, and no one needs to do bleed to accept love and peace as powerful realities for us all.

Peace of God is knowing that our Creator created us all and has no favorites. We now know our value as God does, then less and less will acts of violence be needed to “prove” any kind of worth. Be conscious of your worth by practicing self-compassion, then compassion for others becomes the power of Peace for you and me. Be awake, war is not required to know who is valuable or not of value. This is your time and my time and let us enjoy Peace and Love’s power because It IS. Every person has the capability to leave ego lies of f.e.a.r., False Evidence Appearing Real. Compassion, with you first, is peace in action. The only request for action there is.

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