Peace of God Part Two

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Peace of God part two is a continuation of my previous comprehension of how we humans accept the power of peace. I found myself still very much absorbed by peace and my own personal acceptance of its power and unlimited expression going on now and when it physically appears to be in absence. That appearance of “missing” peace’s power is what kept the clarity of what drives humanity’s intention and motivation.

One on my tools for discerning and trying to comprehend questions that show up is the book “A Course In Miracles”. There is a chapter, 19 to be exact, titled “The Attainment of Peace”. I first liked the word attainment being used, The significance the world seems to gear toward is “achievement”. Attainment has an entirely simple and powerful feeling to it, I feel the word “achievement” gives too much value to struggle.

The section I wanted to focus on today is titled “The Obstacles to Peace”. The first premise to accept is that peace extends from your deep self. In other words I understand it to be letting go of the appearance of issues and definitely releasing our personal perceptions that usually reflect our past interpretations of events. A good example of that are feuds that last generations. The only way chaos last is that we interpret a now event with a historical value of insult to stoke the fire of anger. This then creates an environment that the hate or anger is now and that peace must be overlooked, but focus on the insult.

The first obstacle to peace is listed as “The Desire to Get Rid of It”. The aforementioned remembering an insult to focus on rather than focusing on peace being real. The insult is  but a momentary miscommunication or worse a “hearing ______” vs communicating for clarity of what was said or done by asking for more information. You can right now bring a memory of something you thought you saw or heard or felt, then discovered “oops” that wasn’t what happened. I usually like to give the example of Timothy McVeigh and how initially all “middle eastern” looking were stopped, anywhere, to check for their “terrorism” possibility. The terrorist was not middle eastern at all.

I now ask myself do I want to be “right” or do I ask my inner, higher perspective self “what is really going on?”. This keeps me aware of choosing peace and its power over my emotional or physical need to feel attacked and then retaliate. Retaliate feelings and validation arguments always occur after the desire to rid our moments or time of present peace. Take a breath now and notice any muscles tightening up? Breath and remind yourself in this moment there is peace and find reasons to feel more of why it should stay. Laughing is one way to do it. Laugh because how serious is this feeling of insult and do you want it to last longer than___? Mystics always say “feel the feeling” and then recognize the minimal affect it was really has other than you adding fuel to it’s fire. We don’t need to drop water on it, we just need not fan the embers so it becomes warmth, not forest fire destroying acres of many moments. The ACIM says you could make chaos homeless, so that you rest and abide in the love that is always present.

The second obstacle listed by ACIM is “The Belief the Body is Valuable for What It Offers”. This is what I call “survival” mode of mental operation. Our bodies are valuable and we “must” protect them at “all costs”. Most people are death-centrist focused and that is called normal. We say that mountain climbers, daredevils, or any now called extreme sport are challenging death. It is not deemed normal to seek “death defying” actions, yet there is an attraction of “thrill” and science backs this theory up with the thrill feeling is born of chemicals affecting the brain, are released and enjoyed, up to a point. I say up to a point because science also explains that we humans develop a resistance to constant sameness and then more thrills are needed to up the rush feeling that is now being sought.

The irony of the body valueable-ness is that we have accepted an interpretation that peace comes at the cost of our bodies. Sacrificing the body, or any valuable definition we use for achieving peace distorts the real power peace is always presenting. Take a moment to ponder this. We do not want to die, yet the body could give us the peace we “want” if we die for peace. Do you see, feel, recognize the irony of our value system we impose on ourselves? Going back to the thrill-seekers actions is that a certain belief in their immortality does come into their way of planning and managing their thrill actions. The Hollywood stunt person maps out to the minute detail the stunt before carrying it out. The planning is the safety for their lives, yet pushing the limits is what the task being completed is the reason for stunts to please the movie watchers. I have enjoyed watching action movies that were not horrific, yet challenged the belief in physics that we trust.

I mentioned the term “death-centrist” previously because our society values peace, values death, if it is worthwhile, even if at the cost of peace. Death centered realities that we see as normal is the challenge we humans are in the midst of redefining. Years ago it was an actual law in many societies that it was a crime to commit suicide. We, humanity, have found the ridiculousness of such laws. Suicide is not a crime, it is a cry for love and help. The irony there too is that most individuals feel suicide would be a relief for their families and give them the peace that their presence is not giving their friends or families. We really vacillate our value and laws around peace to fit our current expression of  “what is more important”. Death centered focus is born of the ego because the ego definitely gives us the “you are in peril and enemies are out to get you” scenarios that it presents as real for your protection. Our whole sense of right or wrong is born of the” body of this person is more valuable than that person”. My favorite hot topic is abortion is bad, but if the person has shown to be bad and a criminal, execution for heinous crimes is an OK murder. Step into the belief “Kindness Matters”

The mystical you, that we all are, says don’t die. Dying is not of value to our spiritual selves. Our mystical selves says stop and notice that Life is offering itself to make you happy first and always, Life IS. Life is the focus that we are asked to accept so that attaining Peace in every breath so that the world is happier being peace and moves to our next level of experience here on earth. I mentioned in Peace of God (part 1) that part of the “issue” is that many people have and continue thinking peace is boring. Peace is a power, and power is for us to enjoy and bless our selves with the animating power that blesses the world. Peace and power go together and are not opposites. That is for more discussion and pondering.

Be the Mystic you ARE and let peace be the power and fun it really is. Bless you all and keep forgiving your self and the world. That is the attainment of peace’s power in your every moment. Live and choose Life and Love… to be continued.

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