Peace of God Part Three

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Peace of God – Part Three is the continuation reviewing and comprehending the “obstacles” to peace from A Course of Miracles. It is chapter 19 entitled “The Attainment of Peace”. We previously covered in part two the first two sections of the obstacles explanation and their mental effects on our consciousness.  Obstacles and the perception of them is always a mental concept and construct.

The A Course in Miracles teaches us that the Holy Spirit ( a concept of trinity and roles of Spirit) is here asking us to surrender pain, suffering interpretations we make real by holding on to them. The Holy Spirit is the one giving us the action part of the course. It is an affirmation that we humans are never alone and need only become aware of our support system that requests us to release what we interpret because we usually are using the past, past experiences, as our point of reference. Using this offered tool we are redeemed from all our mental constructs that emotionally and physicall steal our happiness and joy. Here we go onto the remaining two “obstacles” to our inner peace and demonstration of peacefulness for the world.

The third onstacle: The attraction of death. There is a dedication we humans seem to have about death and dying. Through all eras and cultures there are all kinds of representation the body becoming spiritless than then leaves loved ones and all the earth. The clarification here is that life never ends. Love never ends and we are then immortal. Meaning aware always BEING love, energy and that is where our best focus should be. The “ego” is actually an “enemy” of life because it is its value system that cast a shadow on all living things. Truth be told shadows are not real and therefore asking for light, help and surrendering to the Holy Spirit, sends shadows (of consciousness) to the nothingness they are.

The body is interpreted by the ego to be a “cause” of sin, pride, guilt and all manner of beliefs that separate us from happiness. A Course in Miracles teaches that God Will is only our happiness. No condemnation comes from God to us, it is ego giving us this false sense of reality.  We call reality anything the body experiences, then forget to give attention to the only source of Life, our loving Creator that created us, how could we be sinful, prideful or guilty when we remember Love crfeated us and keeps loving us without any condition  or requirement. Big stuff to embrace as our reality, especially the no requirements from our Creator to keep being loved. Thus the birth of Unconditional Love power reality for humanity. Pause now and notice how our belief systems present death as the answer to pain and no more “putting up” with the world. Shamefulness about our selves, our bodies, our actions leads to accepting death as a salvation.

A Course in Miracles is presented as Jesus having spoken again to remind us, humanity, of the message while he was physically present (still is as a second part of the trinity example). Jesus asks us to give all our beliefs, habits of thought and doubt and self judgement to the Holy Spirit so that the right interpretation of unconditional Love is perceived by us. This new perception and clarification of the human requirements to be “saved” or “redeemed” are loosed from our false sense of self since Love never judged us and never will. This would be a strong challenge to our focus on death as the final surrender to enjoy and give full attention to our being full of grace. Living in this incorruptible body of Christ is a present situation that never leaves and never has failed us. We could not fail God, therefore judgement, punishment for mis-valued sense of God is the only “sacrifice” and “death” being asked for. It is being asked for because God’s will for us is our happiness. We are given a great tool to help us let go of the focus of the attraction for death which leads to attraction for pain. We are to give to the Holy Spirit to judge our intention and free us up from the past self judgement which reflects on the rest of humanity. Say to the Holy Spirit ” Take this from me and look upon it, judging it for me. Let me not see it as a sign of sin and death, nor use it for destruction. Teach me how not to make of it an obstacle to peace, but let You use it for me, to facilitate its (peace) coming”.

The fourth obstacle: Fear of God. This I tell you was a challenge at first. I was taught that the word “fear” was actually meant to be interpreted as “respect” God. I admit fear was more of a dominant feeling. I recognize now even being a mystic child, an intuitive, a psychic, a sensitive I was exposed to a race consciousness of “an vengeful, angry God created me and labeled me imperfect”. Yeah, that version of a loving father that required being good to get rewarded and have a happy life took dominance, even though my guardian angels said “no, not true. Love is limitless and never judges”. I felt that truth, I then focused on the external world and well fell down the “rabbit hole into a nightmare”. This fourth obstacle I now recognize is the propulsion to really know and live from Christ consciousness. I had the humility to say to God, angels and guides “I’m tired of lies and feeling they’re more true than God who has always taken care of me and all loved ones”. Thus I was led to discover the A Course in Miracles text and workbook.

Chapter 19 refers to this obstacle as a heavy veil before the face of Christ. The heavy veil of our belief in death being the only way to escape from a God that is temperamental and asking for suffering to “get Heaven”. I understand that not all faiths teach sin or error as divisive. Yet you will hear from most people participating in a faith tradition the doubt of a Creator who really has everyone’s back without a requirement of some kind. The heavy veil is really a belief that we are separate from the Divine because we incarnated into a physical presence and it has repercussions. The heavy veil is our preoccupation with bodies and that having physical anything is different from our Creator. This heaviness is such a huge illusion (if illusions had any weight at all other than mental valuing). The way to lift this veil is forgiveness. For-give means to give it to the Holy Spirit. Yes I know we were taught that it means to let people do harm and not hold it against them. That is not the forgiveness being brought to us via Jesus’ message. For give is to cast the burden of feeling hurt, wronged or revengeful to Christ (Love’s power within us all)  and the Holy Spirit so they handle it all. Let me repeat. We do not need to carry the burden of errors or disliked experiences, we are to call upon the Divine to take it and free ourselves to feel Divine. The Divine knows we are perfect and never leave perfection in our earthly experiences. The earthly experiences are part of our Divinity and being sane is accepting the Divine loves us limitlessly and generously. That awareness and acceptance takes us to the Peace of God AND lifts the veil of separation that never was or will be. We are worthy and will always be.

Join me in the acceptance of this offer to have, enjoy and share the Peace of God.



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