JRPrice Lesson 25 – See Only Peace

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The Super Red Blue full moon really inspired me and opened me up to revelations. The validation came as discovering lesson 25 in John Randolph Price’s book “The Jesus Code”.

“The Code I have freely given is spiritual consciousness. I am the Code. I am spiritual consciousness. When you have one, you have the other. When I said to be me, I was saying to be as me, to follow me in spiritual consciousness by recognizing that all that I am, you are.

The Code is spiritual law, which is the only assurance of peace and harmony, whether in the family or among nations. As the world moves toward the end and a new beginning , it will continue to mirror the illusion of darkness as the dominant force.

Pray not to change the course of events or the cause of conflict will not be revealed, nor display reactive interference, for life must be played as projected by the collective mind, otherwise the just end will only be delayed.

Collective thoughts shape and propel energy into self-fulfilling prophecies. With each millennium, the fear grows because of the expanded collective.      Yet be not apprehensive, for the errors will be corrected with the awakening of the collective through the activity of the Christ.

Peace is denied to all who encroach in the name national security, to those who violate spiritual principles in the name of religion, in those whose cause is considered more moral or just than another, to those who serve only for selfish interests, for they will remain in the shadows.

Peace is granted by law of consciousness to those who seek and find the Truth. Truth, which is the universal Christ, reveals that there is no law to sustain darkness, no power in evil, no reality to human consciousness, with its emphasis on self-preservation. This is the Code. I am the Code, yet the Code as spiritual consciousness encompasses all thought processes relating to the one God, and not just a religion with which I am identified.

The family environment, the communities, the nations, the world can only be saved through spiritual consciousness – not through verbal persuasion, religious conversion, theological decrees, political aggrandizement, or any other human endeavor. Spiritual consciousness does not speak, not pray for one side or another, does not dictate a course of action for good to vanquish evil. Spiritual consciousness does nothing but release the Christ to do the healing work in the collective life of the family, the community, the nation, the world. And the impulses of love and goodwill are felt by all.

To fully understand the Code, you must look to the ultimate Truth. Thou art the Christ. It was said that God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that the world might be saved through him. Every man, women and child is this only Son, the Christ, the  visible expression of the invisible God. And it is through the Christ that Peace will come to earth.

It is through spiritual consciousness, Christ consciousness, that ignorance will be removed; in the united Selfhood, superstition is dissolved. Be the Mind through which the light shines to reveal Reality. See only Peace”

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