Do You Pick Toilet Paper Over God?

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I’ve come to a conclusion about myself.  There are times my focus becomes very survival mode and in those moments it seems practical to put God on a back burner. it seems the question will I run out of milk, fruit and toilet paper and is there enough in my purse or wallet, or bank account to cover my needs. Being a focused mystic it would appear I know God, Love is never absent, so I automatically move toward knowing and certainty. I confess that I don’t feel big powerful God needs this concern because I can handle it. Today in time of contemplation and conversation with my guides I asked a question about power.Specifically God power. The answer to my question was a question, ” do you choose toilet paper over God?”.

I’ll tell you I was caught off guard because it felt like a “deep” philosophical question.  I, after dropping the look of “huh” on my face, said, out-loud, ” toilet paper and God don’t seem congruent”. I then ( you’d think I’d be used to Holy Spirit answering so simply and directly) had the aha moment. God is all there is, so why wouldn’t toilet paper be God worthy.

Whether you believe in a God in Heaven that is invisible and judgmental, or you are more about the God of love that withholds nothing and resides in each person and everywhere, in everything, you and I may not be habitually recognizing God handles it all. The habit of turning  every concern or hope over to be handled by our Creator, may involve us judging what “needs” God or doesn’t need God,Spirit, Source involved.

The aha was I understood the powerful simplicity Holy Spirit was offering me. It is that our habit of qualifying our needs or wants is the thin veil that we seem to turn into concrete more often than not.  The term veil is used by sages, mystics and spiritual teachers to point out how separation from our source is really zero in measurement. By thinking that powerful God doesn’t seem to handle our “big” human needs so easily (our focus on anything humanity seems to hurt, i. e. the planet, each other, not canceling out our “enemies”). We judge that God didn’t do it to our satisfaction. Toilet paper , buying fruit and gas in our car or heat in our homes are to be handled by us humans.

The more I became aware of how I’ve compartmentalized God, or Love, the more I asked myself why? Why, where did I learn that God was not in the details. Having any kind of doubt or excluding God as being the only provider is what is a basis for our disappointments. We seem to pre-qualify, as a type of defense mechanism, our needs, wants, and/or desires. To many of us the word ” desire” gets us all knotted up. Yet for those bible readers and quoting the bible, it is promised in psalm 23 “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want”. The meaning is literally the actions of shepherds who are always guiding the flocks to fields with plenty to graze upon.

Yet, I understand the point Holy Spirit is making. The habit of pre-qualifying what is worthy of God or not keeps us on a separation as our reality focus.

Remember my question that started this epiphany was a focus on a question of Power. Power that creates worlds does not have limits. This leads me to a prior epiphany, we humans habitually try to tame God and ourselves. Taming the power of our Creator and the power  given to each of us seems, well arrogant. Think about it , isn’t arrogant to presume toilet paper needs are too minimal of a loving energy that keeps offering and giving Life? The withholding we do for our “good” is, well I’m calling it can addiction.  Are we addicted to making God a “less than perfect” power, energy of creation???

The backstory to the toilet paper “reality” is this. I was a child and I would hear my mother and older sister laugh as they told of the times when they were broke. The laughter was because they were broke, but had a closet full of toilet paper and paper towels. They’d never want for clean bums and a clean home. Food may not be in the cupboard, yet they had what was really important. I heard this as a young child ( my sister is 10 1/2 years older than I) and somehow it became a measure of value for our life experience. We all have stories that lead us to measure what is real in our lives. The catch is we end up using that measuring tool for far too long. I have resolved to let God, Creator, Source, Love Energy be all IT is in reality as my reality. I hope you do too. Look into your memory of what you withhold that seems so valid, then with the Light of compassion for yourself, let it all go.

We are innately (born that way) loving, caring beings. We then start observing and interpreting our life experiences, which is part of our developing and evolving. Life is still all good and unfolding. We may cry and get hurt, then we start accepting stories about our behavior. We are taught priorities, we are taught to doubt ourselves. Although deep down we are really kept alive with the power within. I remind you that I tell you always we all are mystics. Which means we are souls, the power of our loving Creator flowing into us and through us for us. We are powerful because of Love’s action never ending and being unconditional and limitless. Oh feel the power as you read this and know withholding our belief in our own love power is never meant to be.

Bless you all and Happy 2016, start with now because happiness is limitless.


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