Delight In The Lord – Psalm 37

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My mother was a great admirer and studied the psalms of David the King of Israel. She loved their direct expression of faith during times of questioning. Times of questioning habitually introduce us to the opportunity to feel the inspiration of Spirit. My mother passed onto me her booklet she hand wrote of her most favored psalms. I keep this booklet in my office and gaze upon it many times in a week or month. This time the cover stared up at me and I knew the Holy Spirit was pointing me in the direction of a epiphany or an answer to prayer. “Delight in the Lord who will give you your heart’s desires”.

The psalms are sometimes tricky because they are poetry and the writings of more than one person written and consolidated over centuries. The various bibles have done their best to identify which were written by whom. The one truth not questioned is that they express our Divine connection with our Creator and bring heart’s power into our consciousness.  I have also in my office a beautiful engraved and framed quotation of psalm 23 “The Lord is my shepherd”. These two psalms fill my mind when my heart seems blocked by some unreality. I, like my mother are word oriented. I feel power from words I hear, read or speak.

I decided to follow Holy Spirit’s guidance and I sat down with my mother’s booklet. I held it and completely focused upon the words “Delight in the Lord”. What did these words mean? What is it to feel delight in the Lord? What is it to surrender to “delight”?  I kept sitting and allowing the feeling of my questions rise up and feel the answers show up easily and gracefully. The answer is always simple, this is how you know it is born of Love. “Delight”, said the Holy Spirit “is not a command, it is a natural result of focus, focus and accepting the Love that never ends and never commands anything but its acceptance. ” Powerful and calming in the same instance. I let myself keep pondering and knowing Delight was flowing from the moment I sat down and kept knowing that Delight was the answer to all. I even allowed myself to ask “what does Delight mean for the future? Is this what my life in every moment is about, especially without effort, because it came down to simply reading, seeing, the word I felt in communion with God. It is a simple sensation, one that is not created or born of a formula. I simply followed what I felt was guidance from Holy Spirit, my guardian angels to pick up the booklet and simply focus. Focus and letting the focus birth a knowing that is what being spirit having human experience means to me. Being human to me has always been represented as being Divine. Not human trying to be special and earn back heaven or perfection. That in reality there is no mundane, the Divine and miraculous are natural, waiting for the recognition of Love’s presence.

I feel I could go on and on since writing this rekindles the Divine sensations. I do feel I need to give you the situation that I was in. I was asking, praying for the Holy Spirit’s help when this occurred. I was not focused on Divinity, I had felt frustration and didn’t like the feeling of it.  My habit is to talk to, or with my invisible helpers and say “don’t like this yuckiness of where my thoughts seem to be going. Help!” . That is when the booklet, that has been on the shelf in my view for years, suddenly, without falling on the floor, came to me attention and a subtle force said “get it”. It is that simple, these moments of lucid connection to inspiration that aren’t complicated or about an emergency. I do have habits like the rest of us humans as noticing events, effects, news or opinions that get my sense of “oh no, something has to be done!”.  The mastery that my life of accepting our innate mystic self has showed me is “stop, ego is at it again”. This “stop and mindfulness” are better reflexes than going down Henny Penny attitude of the “sky is falling” scenarios. I also admit that I feel “weird” because I’m aware that not everyone who I come in contact with judge this as a viable choice. Through out the years of my spiritual practice, I disliked and self-judged against prayers of supplication. I’ve been a Roman Catholic. A student of Islam, Judaism, Eastern philosophies and religions, Protestant evolution and non-denominational Christian faiths, I discovered prayers are pretty basic and connection building tools. There is prayer like that of music, ecstatic dance, being completely physically still. All results of humans desiring to connect with that power within that has so many names, yet feels so alive and thriving.

Delight in the Lord. The answer to every question or fear or ________ you decide, comes back to feeling Loved by the seemingly invisible. Delight, delight, delight all I’m now to do and choose IS Delight. Delight is a word I now enjoy and let it fill me with  life.

Upon editing and reading this article I gave it to the Holy Spirit and I received another message of clarity and joyful ecstasy. The Holy Spirit wanted me to recognize and share with you that God is always in Delight with us. Yes!!! God takes Delight in us and all because we are creations from Love made manifest and always evolving for us to recognize, discover and enjoy. I did as you can imagine feel such union and ease and such appreciation for God being glorified by and in us. Awesome!!! Yep, then a thought of what about the world’s unhappiness popped in. I then said “wait! This is a  gift from the Holy Spirit. Let me let it unfold before any ego analysis seeps in and tries to lie about God’s Delight in humanity and the world.” The gift kept coming in quiet power and grace. “You may doubt God’s Delight, yet even that is never negated. God has no enemies and neither do you”.

I decided to keep riding the wave of ecstasy and let ego be handled by my guardian angels and Love’s power that I was feeling and knew, knew deep to my core, was not lying. I hope you ponder and enjoy the gift of accepting God is Delighted in and for us. Sadness may occur, frustration or doubt may occur in your thoughts, God doesn’t fight them since they are passing habits that Love always knows are temporary. Love knows this since Love is not temporary.

Bless you all and enjoy delighting in our Creator and recognizing God is always delighting in you for you, Share that love and the world you notice is always blessing you back.

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