The Jesus Code – Lesson Seven -Understand the Solutions to Problems

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UPDATED 9/21/2017

John Randolph Price – The Jesus Code, 2000

Lesson Seven – Understand the Solutions to Problems

“You cannot find the solution to a problem in the human mind, for there is not one, the problem or the mind. Yet that which appears to be threatening, when understood as a non-power, will disappear into nothingness from which it came.”

This lesson goes deep, because when you are in the midst of a “problem” nothing else seems real. Yes I am and have been and continue being a mystic. This doesn’t mean I’ve never been touched by loss, pain, anger or anything uncomfortable and miserable. I have a body and it has gone through all the steps of babyhood, pre-teen, teenhood and “adulthood”. I put adulthood in quotations because I’ve felt childish even after my 20’s. The opportunity of this lesson is “where are problems and where do they come from?”. The prior lesson was about karma, so this focus makes sense. We humans tend to be problem focus. We were not always that way. With knowledge and experience judgements are made and situations became problems. Humans, remember were nomadic for a long time. Humans went with the flow of life and followed the food source and available survival for thousands of years before becoming agriculturally focused.

The Jesus story seems filled with problems that Jesus and disciples experienced. To say that you cannot find a solution to a problem in the human mind I understood right away. I’ve gone to God for help and relief all my life. The next statement though, that was a toughie. I was a happy student of various religions in my youth and when I discovered that Buddhist believe that all addictions are capable of falling away, yeehaw! I was ecstatic. The statement though from Jesus with the persecution and prosecution part of his story didn’t seem to mesh. “Yet that which appears to be threatening, when understood as a non-power…” that struck me hard to embrace. Threatening by definition means potential bodily and emotional and mental harm.

I took the high road and focused on “when understood as a non-power”, understanding was the key and the promise Jesus was bringing into focus for us. God is shown in David’s psalms as a provider, rescuer and strength when we seem to lack those capabilities. God lays feast before our enemies. That God seemed easy to comprehend, and then I also understood our centuries of interpretation had us focused on separation as a reality. Ahh there is the opening to a new level of consciousness. Remember lesson 2, “God transcendent, greater than all of creation, appears as God Immanent, pervading all creation..” That truth is why there is no problem or threat.

The bogeyman of our stories, legends and myths are all human creations focused on two powers. I’d have to accept that a problem exists because the creator of all made an enemy equal to him. That separation is human-made and it’s time to put it out of our misery. Love is always overshadowing, there is only love and it it always setting us free. Free to create more bogeyman or demons or evil power that challenges our creator. Truth be told we humans like stories. We like movies, soap operas, “reality” shows with drama that gets us intrigued and trying to “solve” or match their “problems”. This lesson says “believe in two powers”, no wonder we humans feel we are miserable, war-mongering and exhausted.

Understand the solution is understanding that there is one God who is always saying “yes” because in truth we are immortal. We are always loved and free to have fun creating experiences from our focus on separateness. Understand the separateness is a tool for experience, then we don’t have a problem, we have opportunities. We have opportunities to recognize and embrace and be in harmony with heaven on earth.

I, mystic Irene, still will feel my way in and through this world, but I will be gentle with myself. I will be gentle with all on this planet and remember WE ARE ONE. The love that really is powerful for me is powerful for everyone and it will clothe me, feed me, house me and pay all the bills AND make me rich without taking anything from anyone to be rich. Emma Curtis Hopkins has it really simple, “My Good is My God”. I say “yes” to God. We are in harmony of “yes” and the world shows up better now faster and faster. Join me in the joy. That is being as Jesus.


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