The Tyranny Of The Urgent Equals Overwhelment

Posted on February 2, 2018 by Irene O'Connor No Comments

Majority seems very important about how the world works. The democracy a philosophy of pre-Christianity Greece. The belief in “majority” rules has played out in the United States as a democracy responding to rebellion against Constitutional Monarchy. Representation being a big factor of why we declare ourselves democratic. Representation of a majority always makes for heated discussions because who actually decides who is the majority.

The reason I believe this occurs is because we have a huge belief in urgency as big motivator for corrective action. Nothing is wrong with this concept. It does keep us in a lie though, the lie that we’re helpless if we aren’t part of the majority. Humanity is always a work in process and progress. The story of victim and perpetrator seems to be the only impetus for improving humanity’s consciousness. Ahhh that’s the real point of humanity. we can’t help discovering, usually without struggle. The lie does focus  on the importance of struggle. It forms who we listen to, yet Humanity is never being left alone to listen only to lies of worthlessness. The tyranny is self imposed, because the powerful Voice for Truth is never silent. Truth does not defend it self. It knows it has no opposite. The energy of Love, Creation activity is always reminding humanity we are worthwhile and can never, never be separated from our selves at our core. It is what I call INNATE GOODNESS.

Goodness doesn’t overwhelm us. Goodness is so powerful and innate it doesn’t hurt, unless translated by the past of fears we’ve held onto. The fear that external validation, being in the majority, will keep us secure and unharmed. We have accepted the lie of “seek and never find” from stories we keep stoking as why we’re separate from having happy, joy filled life. The irony is that majority is always relevant when safety, fear based focus is occurring.

I believe you are reading this because deep at your being you know, KNOW that your are worthwhile, innately a good loving person, It is for you to ignore any evidence to the contrary as the first step to joy, happiness and peace. Take a moment and give yourself credit you are listening. You are in this moment believing, don’t measure it. You are believing, you’ll believe some more and it builds in your habit of thinking and believing. In every moment you are in the Majority. You ARE. It’s your option to accept this majority and feel the Truth guide you to have 7+ billion people with you, whether you know it or not. Allow the curiosity, the possibility of this TRUTH being the actual energy of the planet.

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