Salvation – Irene O’Connor Style

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What do you do when you feel really scared and want salvation, yet feel embarrassed about needing salvation.  I’felt shame for needing salvation. The truth is our Higher Power is always offering salvation and deliverance from evil, evil in out thoughts and habitual beliefs. This moment I am doing my best to stay focused on the relief I feel accepting the offer of salvation. The only question I felt, from ego I recognize that, is it enough to accept salvation and deliverance to make the desired miracle tangibly and physically occur? I hear the answer is yes. I now ask the angels and all of Heaven in Heaven and on Earth to hammer into my consciousness so I get to enjoy salvation without a price. I understand the price is my own silly belief in embarrassment. Who am I embarrassed forf? That is the key to enjoying this Life’s opulence and abundance that never drys up.

Salvation is a word that appears to carry a lot of baggage with it. I don’t think I’m the only one either. Google has 85,900,000 results. The word is simple to accept, it’s definition is ” being saved or protected from harm or being saved or delivered from some dire situation”. You run out of gas on a highway, salvation sounds good. A wasp starts buzzing around you, or even a shark, salvation sounds good. Your dog ate your homework or you slept through your alarm and missed your bus, salvation sounds good.


The religious aspect to me is the guilt  learned from, a past-life memory, or ?, it influences me. It influences the perfectionism that has become a habit of my adulthood. I recognize I’ve held it against humanity that “they” let Jesus be convicted and punished for lies or worse “wimpy” followers that had witnessed the benefits of being physically present in the presence of a loving and generous being. Whew, that’s baggage that I’ve attached to a word that simply means being “saved from a dire situation”. The key here I’m the one that attached all that baggage and meaning, yep, that means I’m the one to unhitch the bags and value and be set free to enjoy the truth that salvation is being offered always and easily. You notice the definition does not offer a “cost” to salvation. That has come from our interpretation and value of cultural attachments and moral value.

I’m focused today on the offer to be saved and be set free to enjoy the unconditional meaning of the word. I’m focused on getting to the meat of salvation that nurtures the Love that offers salvation in the first place. Love is so generous it says “here, accept salvation and enjoy the benefit”. The Spiritual part that is actually more real than my habits, interpretations from past experiences, offers the continuous perspective that Unconditional Love never leaves, never judges, never doubts who I really am, even as life on earth seems to offer at times more questions than answers. I focus on knowing that humans call creation “chaotic”, only because they forget we always discover the order that is actually occurring. The order, the process is studied by humans all the time. The process is not messy, it is occurring in it’s order for it’s completion. Spiritual circles love to use the butterfly as an example of transformation. The part to remember in butterflies as in seeds becoming plants/flowers/produce, destruction of the old is part of the process. The pupae stops being the caterpillar, the acorn is not an oak tree, and the seed bursts to start taking root as it’s self to then break the surface of the soil. These instances do not seem chaotic, we’ve grown accustom to their results.

The personal disintegration of our life on a daily basis, that we call chaos if it does not seem to consistently produce results we now habitually expect. I now understand where salvation comes into benefitting us in our daily disintegration and birth. Yes daily we are born to eternal life, in our way of perceiving, then thinking what life is about for us. I now feel more relaxed knowing, then accepting that salvation’s value is for my benefit. I lose the focus on “dire” situation, since that is up to my perception. I now, with this breath let salvation lift me up from habit.  My new habit is feeling worthy of being saved, from little petty, survival beliefs (old habits) and accept the easy new value of being free, baggage less and HAPPY! Who knew being Happy, free of chaotic beliefs was that easy. Well the answer is Love knew and knows it is that easy. Love knocks on my mental doors and says “drop the habit and check this out”. My body says YAY and keeps moving to more and more happiness that equals Heaven on earth. The only dying or sacrifice I’ve done is letting new perceptions take hold that I feel happier about and Salvation has done it’s job. Salvation because it is based on Eternal Love is always being offered to us in all ways and through our fellow humans too.

I now say Yay Salvation, I’ll accept more! Could you join me? I hope you do!

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