How is Healing defined?

True healing can be seen from many points of view and will, at times, be a state vastly different than at other times. Healing may manifest as an actual physical outcome of “resolving.” At other times healing may entail a shift in quality of life through physical change and/or emotional or spiritual change. Healing may also manifest as a “coming to terms” with one’s situation.

What is a Medical Intuitive?

A Medical Intuitive is a practitioner naturally gifted and trained to locate the source of dis-ease, illness, or discomfort whether that source be physical, emotional, spiritual, or energetic in nature (or any combination thereof) through intuitive means. Such a practitioner may or may not then work with a client to bring about change toward a healthy state.

What can a Medical Intuitive do for me?

Medical Intuitives are traditionally used in cases that traditional medicine is unable to find a cause for a disease or diagnosis. The ability to put to use deep and precise, but non-invasive, assessment skills that include all aspects of the psychophysical nature of humans extends the effectiveness of medical intuition.

Irene she has honed her skill so that her abilities can be as precise as detecting issues prior to or during the experience of a condition, or their presence inside the body’s physical systems. For instance, while speaking with a client over the phone Irene mentioned that there was an unusual presence of a mass in the client’s abdomen; Irene recommended that the client see her doctor for some tests. Irene subsequently received a call from the client who had gone to a medical doctor and they did, indeed, find a strange “spot” on x-rays. Her doctors were able to treat her appropriately and resolve the issue.

In addition, healing is typically noted by clients post session, as while Irene is intuitively “inside” one’s physical systems corrective measures are applied. This is only done with the comfort and permission of the client. As all illness is in some way, shape or form simultaneously physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual, Irene will work on some or all of those levels, depending on the client’s needs and client’s capacity for handling such work, in the direction of healing (as defined by the situation and the client’s understanding).

What is an Intuitive Therapeutic session with Irene about?

There are things common within all sessions. Irene scans the biomechanical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual levels in and around the physical body to discern the conditions that are known, unknown, potentially building, or unresolved.

Often times Irene detects subtleties prior to their more overt physical presentations; therefore, sessions with Irene are highly regarded for preventative health and continued wellness.

All of the biomechanical systems of the body are addressed and discerned through energetic/intuitive means, i.e. digestive, reproductive, neurological, and structural, etc. As well, the directional movement of disorders or disease  are addressed.

Within the context of Energy Medicine, the chakras,  Ayurvedic body types as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine are both used as assessment tools and to apply corrective measures when appropriate. In addition, the emotional/behavioral components that are causations to the disorder or disease are addressed. Irene leaves no stone unturned in her sessions. She assists clients in looking at the shadowy sides of things and the emotions and behaviors that have contributed to their issues.

The client may choose to work directly with Irene in resolving the issues in depth; her work is about educating the individual, empowering them, to transform their issues and live their unique purpose-driven life.

Clients may choose to work step-by-step with Irene. On-going multiple session packages are available and are excellent for chronic issues.

Our DNA/RNA do not have expiration dates. Current science supports our now living to 150 years. That means a person currently 70 years old is truly “middle-aged” and re-finding a purpose in life rejuvenates the person. “Work” becomes joyful and perfect health a result therefore life extended becomes the “norm”.

Irene believes it is the body that speaks to us, in both whispers and screams; hence, it is the body that is the commonly used mouthpiece gaining our attention to raise our consciousness and contribution to humanity. Irene reaches far beyond a definition of medical intuitive.