About Irene O’Connor

Medical Intuitive and Remote Viewer

irene-headshotIrene O’Connor has been acknowledged as a psychic with healing touch since she was 9 years old. This created a “normal” reality for her to have an altered state of vision, and Irene’s true work as a Medical Intuitive and remote viewer began. She answered a calling for education in complementary healing modalities since 1990.

The calling was to offer her services as a Medical Intuitive and offer practical methods of healing and achieving and sustaining optimal health. Irene O’Connor has been trained in all the systems of the body and how they work as a WHOLE. Training in biology, physiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and on-going education of current scientific discoveries keeps Irene O’Connor as the forefront of Holistic Health. Medical Intuition sessions are not psychic readings as going to a Tarot/Palm reader. Medical Intuition is very specific to the physical health systems of the body.

Her work continues to inspire and enrich the lives of people by assisting others in charting out their life strategy, transforming their deepest fears and emotional impacts into positive, creative successes.

Irene applies her gifted skill and expertise in the corporate arena as well, sharing techniques that enhance leadership effectiveness, personal growth and team empowerment.

Through the years she has provided countless Medical Intuition sessions for people of all ages worldwide. They describe their experiences of working with Irene as “life-changing, uplifting and empowering.” In a typical Healing Session with a client, Irene:

  • Scans and discerns what is going on within a client’s body and its various systems.
  • Views the mechanical, emotional, spiritual intelligences of the body, from cells to discern levels of misalignment, disorder, and dis-ease within these levels of body intelligence.
  • Using specialized systems and techniques, she applies energetic corrective measures when appropriate. She checks all the major organs of the body and the systems they are connected to; i.e., pulmonary, cardiovascular, digestive, neurological (brain chemistry and synaptic function), endocrine system, muscular and skeletal are assessed as needed.
  • As needed, she intuits subtle biochemical imbalances and microscopic disorders.
  • Irene addresses the emotional and behavioral components of disorders, misalignment and dis-eases, as well as the various emotional/energetic impacts, both negative and positive, from other relationships, environments and events that take place in a person’s life – past, present and future.
  • She tracks the energetic and directional movement of cancer and other dis-eases.
  • Every session addresses the beliefs anchored in our tissues that manifest as actual dis-ease / illness. Irene then explains what can be done to eliminate further dis-ease or illness; therefore the result is optimal, excellent health.

Holistic Healer and Healing Sessions

Treatment plans are created after a Medical Intuition session. These involve Energy Medicine, Nutritional education, emotional exercises and more.